2016_1v1_leaguet.dogg@useast.battle.net112 - 1016.67933.27
2017_1v1_leaguet.dogg@useast.battle.net-1 - 325.00961.34
2017_leaguet.dogg@useast.battle.net133 - 827.27925.49
practicet.dogg@useast.battle.net-3 - 633.33956.51


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Game IDDateDurationWinnersLosersELOCategoryMap
335222018-04-11 23:55:3150:21QuestionQuestionunrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0k.w3x
333722018-04-11 01:40:3532:46Mage mambo
Hunter garbagemon
Beastmaster t.dogg
Scout sexyspartan
unrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0j.w3x
333422018-04-11 00:58:4623:34Beastmaster t.dogg
Hunter sexyspartan
Scout nubs4are4beast
Mage mambo
Gatherer nardi09
unrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0j.w3x
333322018-04-11 00:18:2924:13Beastmaster t.dogg
Scout quazz
Priest crutor
Thief mambo
Beastmaster phantomblades
Hunter luloon
unrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0j.w3x
331022018-04-08 00:40:5600:45QuestionQuestionunrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0h.w3x
208622018-01-17 18:55:4013:40Scout bliss-darkeyes
Thief mambo
Hunter liquid.
Priest oh_snap
Gatherer lasvegass
Gatherer t.dogg
Thief nocookie4u
Priest srup
Mage quantum
Hunter i_liketopoop
unranked_2018Island Troll Tribes Winter v2.103e.w3x
103722017-10-07 01:41:3226:59Priest t.dogg
Thief srup
Scout kusari
Hunter theviperx
14.58practiceIsland Troll Tribes v2.101c.w3x
74722017-08-09 10:00:3248:03Priest cartmannl
Scout mambo
Beastmaster t.dogg
Thief onesc
Scout deamon_t
12.06practiceIsland Troll Tribes v2.99d.w3x
71222017-08-05 18:47:3229:09Scout quantum
Hunter spacebar22
Mage estacado
Gatherer t.dogg
Hunter leon
Mage srup
13.14practiceIsland Troll Tribes v2.99d.w3x
69622017-08-04 18:54:1447:48Beastmaster quantum
Gatherer nocookie4u
Hunter estacado
Gatherer t.dogg
Beastmaster numberonecoon
14.49practiceIsland Troll Tribes v2.99d.w3x
69522017-08-04 17:27:4340:16Hunter vzlacaos
Priest quantum
Gatherer nocookie4u
Gatherer t.dogg
Thief oh_snap
Beastmaster numberonecoon
15.51practiceIsland Troll Tribes v2.99d.w3x