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Game IDDateDurationWinnersLosersELOCategoryMap
332322018-04-09 15:52:2037:18Hunter tupperwhere
Beastmaster norre
Scout tursk
Hunter ruben112
Gatherer zeusonfire
Thief kinjello
unrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0j.w3x
332222018-04-09 15:03:4804:28QuestionQuestionunrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0j.w3x
332122018-04-09 14:31:4015:53Hunter norre
Thief nolifer
Thief kinjello
unrankedIsland Troll Tribes v3.0j.w3x
329922018-04-02 17:59:3129:31Mage mambo
Scout liquid.
Gatherer xan_kriegor
Priest oh_snap
Hunter bananbuske
Priest kicuch
Gatherer lasvegass
Mage quantum
Scout norre
Thief pic
unranked_2018Island Troll Tribes v3.0g.w3x
329722018-04-02 16:44:2520:32Gatherer pic
Hunter kicuch
Scout xan_kriegor
Mage quantum
Gatherer norre
Priest bananbuske
unranked_2018Island Troll Tribes v3.0g.w3x
329522018-04-02 15:30:4301:35QuestionQuestionunranked_2018Island Troll Tribes v3.0g.w3x
328222018-03-31 15:26:2710:32Thief davee3
Beastmaster pic
Hunter kicuch
Mage lasvegass
Hunter tahsis
Beastmaster norre
9.67ranked_2018Island Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
326522018-03-29 17:15:1627:06Thief lasvegass
Priest norre
8.72018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
326422018-03-29 11:23:0418:01Thief davee3
Hunter norre
9.072018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
326322018-03-29 11:03:4515:55Thief davee3
Hunter norre
9.832018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
326222018-03-29 10:47:0209:48Thief davee3
Hunter norre
10.692018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
326122018-03-29 10:36:1619:20Thief davee3
Scout norre
11.652018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
326022018-03-29 10:15:5201:33QuestionQuestion2018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
300322018-03-10 14:50:3313:55Hunter liquid.
Thief oh_snap
Mage pic
Mage quantum
Hunter lasvegass
Beastmaster norre
unranked_2018Island Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
299022018-03-09 13:23:3537:15Mage quantum
Hunter norre
6.532018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x
298922018-03-09 12:40:1917:27Hunter quantum
Thief norre
6.982018_1v1_leagueIsland Troll Tribes v2.103h.w3x