Someone call for de docter?

Welcome to the home of Island Troll Tribes!

Island Troll Tribes is a custom game for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne which is still played on within our devout clan. The game combines survival and player vs player melee combat in a fight to the death for domination of the islands. Players can join together on teams of up to six players per tribe or even go head to head.

Clan TwGB is the last surviving Island Troll Tribes clan on and we continue to develop the custom game and keep the community alive. We frequently host Island Troll Tribes games on for anyone to join. If you would like to join us, swing by the channel Clan TwGB on Azeroth (US East on, or join our Discord group.

You can use this site to find games, look up player stats, and to stay informed about upcoming and ongoing tournaments and events. Happy trolling!

Player Stats

Leader Board

2017_1v1_leaguequantum@useast.battle.net135 - 294.591243.21
2017_leaguequazz@useast.battle.net127 - 2057.451093.68
practicequantum@useast.battle.net1137 - 6866.831405.22